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What is Zenith Medical's Task Allocation Solution?

Our Software allows you to quickly and effectively allocate tasks for community workers.

We recognise that when you have a patient to be seen urgently you need the right person at the right time. Our solutions makes that simple. Maps show you instantly location and availability of workers, allowing you to choose the best placed clinician for the job.

Who is it aimed at?

If you're a community based team that needs to allocate jobs (visiting a patient for example) this software is ideal for you.

Rapid Response Teams, and Community Based Nursing teams, are two examples of models that would benefit from Zenith Medical's Task Allocaton Solution.

What can it do for me?

Save time, save money, and provide better patient-centred care.

We know your patients are at the heart of everything you do. So by allocating jobs to clinicians effectively patients benefit from an efficient and safer care model. You'll also reduce journey times, and wasted visits.

What Standard features are there?

Zenith Medical's Task Allocation Solution is packed with features:

  • Maps show real-time position of clinicians
  • Colour-coded Clinician icons on the map allow for more efficient job allocation
  • Real-time updates: as clinicians finish jobs, notifications appear onscreen
  • NEWS2 Scores are updated in realtime alerting clinicians back a base that a patient mght be unwell
  • Maps show real-time traffic problems, allowing more efficient allocation
  • Data is encrypted using the same standard as credit card and US Military
  • Search for a postcode and allocate a job instantly to it
  • See the assocaited CCG and Council assigned for each postcode
  • Reallocate jobs to clinicians easily
  • Clinician Time Lines show visit times, journey times and more
  • Mini-Dashboards show Clinicians job counts and completed jobs
  • Web App for each clinician
  • Journey times, visiting time targets and directions to each job available through the app
  • New jobs are pushed to the app from the admin
  • We're currently working on auto-allocation based on skillset and geography
  • Plus lots more. Just sign up for a free trial

What Premium features are there?

The majority of features are already free. You'll only pay for text messages and auto-calls, as optional extras.

Text messages (SMS) can be sent to clinicians about new jobs or updates, and our solution can also auto-call clinicians if needed.

What is SaaS?

Zenith Medical's Task Allocation Solution is provided as a 'Software as a Service'

This means no software is installed on your machines, instead it is all run from the web. You'll never have to update, service or purchase any infrastructure as we keep everything up to date for you.

Can you explain your pricing?

Our Task Allocation Solution is charged per active user per month

To the keep the cost down for you we use a per user per month pricing model, meaning smaller teams can still benefit from our fully-featured solution. There's still a minimum monthly cost of 40 users, after the trial ends, but the per user per month cost drops with more unique users you need.

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